Bringing under-privileged masses out of difficulties is the prime purpose of mankind at large. We put that purpose into practice at WWT (Wespak Welfare Trust) which is a brain child of persons who have a deeper concern for humanity. With growing number of societal problems and issues the need for more helping hands has increased manifold. The idea of establishing WWT traces back to year 1999-2000, since then it underwent many a proceeding. Back in 2007 it was formulated into a productive facilitating concern, whereas in 2009 WWT was completely reformed and was shaped into a platform which rapidly enhanced its capacity to turn the dejected and deprived sections of the society into active and productive ones for the betterment of the entire society.

WWT is guided by its constitution to establish its wings of which VERTEX (Voluntary Efforts to Refine Trends for Elementary Excision) and Media Heights are humble butsufficiently effective examples. WWT is a parent concern which monitors all activities executed by its subsidiaries. Due to the dynamic mechanism of WWT number of its members is growing considerably with the passage of time that are properly honored for their contribution towards scheduled activities, events and campaigns executed by the Trust. In addition to it, owing to innovative patterns introduced by WWT others Not-for-Profit Organizations and social workers are getting rapidly connected with WWT whereas different UN Entities and International Organizations have appreciated its efforts of comforting less privilegedand marginalized segments of the society.

All the trustees of WWT, seven members of central executive council of VERTEX, fifty executive members, members of city management bodies of different cities and towns, members of general body and the staff of WWT® comprises of educated and dedicated people. Teaching and training take place in different phases to further refine all those social activists who are by any means associated with WWT. Thus, this capacity building training culture makes WWT a more viable platform that extends a vital contribution on moderate scale towards sustainable human resource development.
WWT encompasses a goodly number of volunteers and employees that makes it easier and comfortable for WWT to execute variety of projects that come under its specialized framework and discipline. One can observe volunteers and staff of different wings of WWT with specified expertise very active in their relevant fields.

Since WWT was shaped into a Non-governmental platform it rapidly enhanced its capacity to turn the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society into proactively contributing one particularly the female section of the society. WWT pursues to ease hopelessness and helpsdevelop happier, peaceful and healthier environment through its relevant wings, steered by its constitution.

We are a team of educated, committed and dedicated people. Our members are the primary source of our aggregate organizational success and we plan to meet more objectives in terms of capacity building of the society through awareness campaigns, events, seminars and other social activities. Working on SDGs set by the UN is our primary focus which remains the core element of our proceedings while during decision making process.